High range flavours that blend into a perfect experience

The right climate and soil makes for the most exotic tea leaves that provides the perfect cup. It is the round and fullness of the tea originating in the Himalayan Range, that gives it a freshness of delicious fruity flavours.

Teesta High Range Tips

Relish the taste and flavor of the Himalayan teas! High Range Tips packet consists of finest Himalayan teas from Darjeeling and Nepal. The company sources teas from tea gardens situated even at heights of 6000 feet! Tea bushes are about 100 years old therefore besides sipping a delicious flavoury cup you are sipping history! High Range Tips Himalayan teas is one of the finest Himalayan teas in the market.

MRP ₹425 | 250g

Teesta Premium CTC Tea

Freshly plucked green teas from the Dooars and Assam region goes into the Teesta Premium CTC packet, processed with Crush, Tear & Curl (CTC) method provide strong and coloury cup. A great way to start your day! Teesta Premium CTC teas are known for consistent quality. Some of the finest blenders work round the clock to develop teas which address consumer needs.

MRP ₹146 | 250g

Teesta Swaad Masala Chai

Urban consumers are taking to value added teas in a big way. Spiced teas particularly with Cardamom (Elaichi) and Cinnamon are very popular. Swaad has developed Tea with spices provided in a separate pouch which can be added while preparing CTC tea in a pan. It is made up of natural spices added with tea. It is tasty & healthy.

MRP ₹165 | 250g
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