Losing Weight - A piece of cake with Green Teas!

Posted by Neeraj on 11th October, 2017

Invitations to weddings seemed to be pouring in last week. However, I attended a very special wedding reception of a dear friend’s daughter Angelina who was always a lovely baby; but she had put on considerable weight in college and refused to get married!

Green Tea

While she did rigorous exercises, the food intake thereafter ensured she remained chubby. Seeing her as a Bride looking gorgeous and slim was an amazing sight. I simply could not hold back my curiosity and i did finally ask her how she managed such a transformation.

Angelina was only too delighted to share her recipe for rapidly losing weight. She mentioned that despite regular gym and moderate eating it did not make much of a difference, when her fiancé suggested she switch to Green Tea. She started consuming a cup of Green Tea 30 minutes before major meals. ‘Green Tea was very relishing... ‘Mentions Angelina. She gradually started losing weight which motivated her to go to the gym more often. ‘I was 104 Kgs a year ago and now I am around 72 Kgs ‘laughed Angelina.

Green Tea

I was intrigued by this information and thought I must discuss this with my GP who only confirmed Angelina’s views. He mentioned that Green Teas are one of the finest beverage on the planet for health benefits. He readily agreed that Green Tea consumption before major meals leads to reduction in hunger, and the substance in the beverage increases levels of some hormones which helps break down fat. The fat is released in the blood stream contributing to energy. Green tea consumption with only mild exercise can work miracles on burning fat in addition packed with antioxidants and other health benefits Green Tea is a miracle beverage for obese persons. Only word of caution the GP added like anything good excess intake limits benefits.

Angelina’s final request was that if the manufacturers would just make it “tasty ‘it would be so much of fun! Teesta River Beverages which produces finest Green Teas is on the job. Green teas in silk pyramid shaped tea bags with real Rose petals, or with Lemon etc. are ready and the consumer panel have given it a thumbs up on the taste!

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