Our Story

Our Story

The founder of Teesta River Beverages Neeraj, has spent decades pursuing his passion for really fresh great tasting tea. He believes teas are under-sold in the country, as much of our best teas are exported globally.

Even the teas consumed by the Indian market are almost all (95%) consumed as traditional teas/Chai (manufactured through CTC method).

Neeraj Verma - Founder, Teesta River Beverages

Traditional teas/Chai (manufactured through CTC method)


He felt that this paradox was largely due to the fact that other varieties of teas are not generally offered by key marketeers.

His ‘aha’ moment came when the Company opened its own experience center in Bangalore - Teesta Tea Room which served varieties of teas to consumers.

He was not surprised on an analysis of consumption pattern that around 50% of teas preferred by consumers were exotic teas i.e. teas with superfruits, herbs and spices and green teas.

Exotic teas - teas with superfruits, herbs and  spices and green teas
Exotic teas - teas with superfruits, herbs and  spices and green teas

Our Vision

With the consumer connect programme at our experience center one key revelation that came forward was that consumers were delighted to learn about health benefits of teas. The challenge was to balance taste with these health benefits.

Neeraj therefore developed a variety of teas with the slugline ‘Enjoy a Range of Exotic Teas rather than One Variety’. This is the vision of the company and the team is wedded to the vision, “Our Expectations are Extremely High, and we hold Ourselves fully Accountable.” mentions Neeraj.

Our Mission - balance taste with health benefits
Enjoy a Range of Exotic Teas rather than One Variety

Our Mission

Powered with this vision a robust yet flexible supply chain has been built, with Teesta Teas procuring teas not only from Darjeeling and Assam but Sri Lanka and other countries as well.

Our ‘Bush to Brand Strategy’ ensures freshness in every sip.

The company aims to attain leadership in the premium segment in 5 years period.

Our Mission - Bush to Brand Strategy


‘We produce pure and natural teas. Even superfruit pieces or for that matter herbs and spices are pure.’ emphasizes Neeraj

Quality: pure and natural teas


The Supply chain has identified and sources teas from plantations who are following sustainable practices. There are regular discussions with plantation managers in Darjeeling and Assam from where the company sources bulk of its teas to try to consistently upgrade sustainable practices.

Teesta Teas has been negotiating with NGO’s who are involved in uplifting plantation workers economical condition which has been adversely affected by overall health of the industry.

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