Our Story

Our Story

A cup of tea holds much within it - Traditions, stories, culture, memories, health and hope for a better future. From being an invisible bond that connects us to representing the youthful drive of generations of people, tea is the drink of choice for millions. Yet it is also the most abused drink in terms of adulteration and suffers from a long drawn out processing and shipping time.

So over an average cup of tea, an idea was born. To bring tea lovers the taste of real Indian tea without losing its freshness. From bush to brand within 15 days became our motto. At Teesta River Tea, there are no middlemen involved and garden fresh teas are delivered for blending and tasting within two weeks. Now, who can say no to pure, strong Indian tea that has not lost its flavour or freshness?

We wanted to take it one step further, so we came up with some unique and exotic blends by the name of Teesta Lounge teas in addition to our range of traditional and organic teas. Our passion can be traced back to the singular feeling that tea is the best beverage in the world. And the most loved as it brings people together.

Some of our best products are Teesta High Range Tips, a heady blend of super fine Darjeeling and Nepal Himalayan teas with a strong flavour, Teesta Premium CTC teas, a blend of Assam and Dooars teas and Lounge Teas that are a blend of super fruits, flowers and herbs.

So what do we get from all this? To put it in simple words, the pleasure of delivering the perfect blend of freshness and flavour in a cup of tea is our greatest reward.

Teesta River Teas has been established by entrepreneurs Mr. Neeraj Verma, an ex-Hindustan Unilever (HUL) hand and Mr. Raghvendra Rao, a Chartered Accountant by profession.

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