Saving Monica!

Posted by Neeraj on 11th October, 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) took on a new meaning for me recently when I travelled to Darjeeling and Dooars ( Bengal ), the hub for our companies supply chain.

Neeraj Verma with Monica

Monica today an earning member in the family. Makes candles and incense sticks to contribute to the family. One of many success stories of Niswarth. She is with Neeraj Verma Executive Director of Teesta River Beverages.

I met a small girl named Monica who could barely speak and walk, the daughter of a plantation working family. Monica belongs to the 2 % of planation children who are born differently enabled. Such children are left to their fate as they cannot contribute to the house hold income. Life is tough leading to early mortality. However, a NGO called Niswarth (Selfless) is passionately trying to give such children a better life and the zest to live.

Niswarth was founded in 2008 by Harsh Kumar a senior manager at a Tea company and his wife Neelam. Harsh without waiting for any large corporates to step in decided to do something about such unfortunate children. He founded Niswarth with his own savings. Today Niswarth covers 290 tea plantations. It teaches children candle and incense making and ensures that requisite papers are generated to avail Govt benefits. Thanks to Niswarth these children are now contributing members in the family and treated with love and care.

Monica’s story is heart-warming She is one of the best candle makers and in fact teaches other children.

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